Now the lifesavers want to save themselves; new app for Doctors' safety launched in Kolkata
Source :News Bharati English   Date :10-Jul-2017

Kolkata, July 10: In last 4-5 years, doctors in the heart of Bengal have been attacked several times. The doctors who save the life of thousand people, they don’t feel safe anymore. It has become a popular trend in Kolkata that if any patients die at hospitals even due to family’s fault or just naturally, the doctors would be attacked first. To prevent these unfortunate incidents, they have started an app with a panic button.  If anyone attacks any doctor or hospital, with the help of SOS button of the app, Police and colleagues will get to know easily.

On Sunday, West Bengal doctors’ forum has launched the app in Uttam Manch. With the 15000 members of the forum, local Police Station, Lalbazar, Bhabanipur will get the news easily.  The attack on doctors seems to be an unending trend with increasing intensity. To prevent this, on their own initiative, they have launched the app.

Even the situation has become so worse that the doctors were thinking to take Marshal art lessons. But they were criticized as it could deteriorate the doctor-patient relationship. The 15000 members will now use this app on their smartphones.

The app was formed in Social Media some months ago. In yesterday’s program, new directorate group has also been created. Along with famous doctors, many IPS officers were present in the program.