Japan PM Abe cuts down time from European tour, visits flood-hit southwest Japan
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 12-Jul-2017

Fukuoka, July 12: The heavy pouring torrential rain has devastated the southwestern Japan with a massive flood. At least 25 lives have been taken away with the overflowing river. As 20 people are still missing, the rescue action is in progress. Since the disaster has started, Japan PM Shinzo Abe had his first visit to the area on Wednesday.

Abe reached the Oita Prefecture on a Self-Defense Forces aircraft. In the region, two districts are still having 110 stranded people. Hence the rescue operation will be reopened top continue the action.

In the city of Hita, a railway bridge was washed away. PM has visited the site and evacuation center also. To decide a brief idea of damage amount, he will meet Oita Gov. Katsusada Hirose. Abe is interacting victims personally and the officials from the disaster-hit area.

In Fukuoka Prefecture largest numbers of victims have been found. According to disaster agency, 14,000 people, mostly in Fukuoka, are still staying in shelters. In the later part of the day, Abe is scheduled to visit the city of Asakura and the village of Toho.

Abe has cut down time from his last leg of the European tour to discuss the damage of disaster. After attending G-20 summit, he was scheduled to visit Estonia. But he canceled the visit and arrived in the own country one day earlier.