To connect Astronauts with Nature, Indian Photographer’s photos put aboard Intl Space Station forever
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 12-Jul-2017

Talent makes you sit along with the opportunities, success if executed with dedication and passion. The similar example has been set by the Indian National Photographer Dr. Hersh Chadha who clicked pictures for the astronauts who live on International Space Stations to make them feel homely like Mother Earth. 

Ever thought of a photo exhibition in space? The unusual kind of ‘permanent photography exhibition’ – and the credit goes to Dr.Hersh Chadha for his mesmerising pictures. 

A Dubai-based photographer was honoured in Moscow by cosmonauts who returned from the International Space Station (ISS) for sending a series of photographs. 

An Indian photographer based in Dubai, Dr. Hersh Chadha whose work is literally out of this world. In a collab with the printing house Duggal Visual Solutions, Photographer Chadha’s work is already making noise around the world in a permanent photography exhibition.  The purpose behind doing this is was to let the human beings who live on the Space Station for so many months still be connected to Mother Earth,” brightening up the astronauts’ time on the spacecraft. 

Dr.Chadha said that "To me , flower symbolizes the beauty of life. Well, I can't give you a flower to take to space but I would like to give these pictures of flowers, that I took from around the world, so that when you look at them, even in space, you get that feeling and truly experience 'your world'. "It's hard to imagine that three or four people sacrifice their entire lives for humanity and ccivilisation What do we give back to them? I wanted to give them a piece of home to take with them," he said in his note to the cosmonauts. 

Cosmonaut Sergey Rzhikov was in agreement. "It was a part of the support that we had on board," he said. 

Dr Chadha gave a hard disk containing 500 photographs to be used for their training manual. Along with the five photographs, Dr Chadha had sent his book, Visions of Nature, published by Assouline Inc., as a gift for the training centre. 

Col Valery Korzun said: "It is a very beautiful book with wonderful pictures taken by a real photo artist, and it is you. Your book will be used as a training manual for taking pictures of the earth from the ISS by the cosmonauts." 

Dr. Chadha was an honorary guest at Star City, Moscow, during the welcoming home of the ISS Expedition 49-50 Astronauts, in June 2017. His photos did not return as they have stayed strapped in aboard the ISS. Col. Valery Korzun of Moscow arranged for the 5 images to be brought aboard the ISS during Expedition 49-50 in 2016. The five photographs of flowers sent by Dr Hersh Chadha, will now remain displayed in the ISS, making them the first-ever permanent photography exhibition in space.

Following are some of the photos clicked by Dr.Hersh Chadha which are now put up on the International Space Station. 

It all began more than 15 years ago, when Dr Chadha went to study at Harvard Business School and his fellow student spoke to him about her late father, Stuart Allen Roosa, who was the Command Module Pilot for the Apollo 14 mission. 

Dr Chadha was inspired by him and wanted to send his pictures to space. He kept trying till Col Valery Korzun, the chief for the first administration of Cosmonaut Training Centre from Star City in Moscow, arranged for five of his pictures of flowers to be taken to space last year. 

"I think I achieved what I wanted. Finally five of my pictures are at the ISS. I want to share my happiness with people so that they can keep pursuing their dream, even if it takes 15 years to come true," said Dr Chadha.