Russia criticizes Ukraine for change in the rules of entry to Ukraine for Russian citizens
Source :News Bharati English   Date :12-Jul-2017

Moscow, July 12: As Ukrainian media reported, Ukraine's National Security and Defence Council proposed new border crossing formalities for foreigners – by biometric passports. Based on that information, Russian Foreign Ministry has commented that Ukraine wants to prevent normal human and family communications between citizens of Russia and Ukraine. Russia has emphasized that Ukraine wants to create a fence with a new 'Berlin Wall'.

If a Russian citizen wants to visit Ukraine, there would be a certain electronic system for preliminary registration. In addition that,  information regarding the purpose and place of visits need to be submitted.

The statement has aggressively criticized Ukraine for this policy. Back in the 1997 January, a bilateral agreement on visa-free travel for citizens of Russia and Ukraine was signed. Thus “Kiev is stubbornly following its vicious line towards severing contacts between millions of people in both countries.” the statement said.

There are numerous Ukrainian who have relatives, a friend in Russia. But according to Russia, Ukraine is trying hard to cut off this contact. It has been allotting a huge fund for the construction of Yatsenyuk's 'Great Wall' and banning Russian social networks.

“By all appearances, Ukraine is ready to build a new 'iron curtain' for the sole purpose of preventing normal human and family communications between citizens of Russia and Ukraine. In this context, it is safe to mention delirious calls in the Verkhovna Rada to bar tours by Russian artists in Ukraine and Ukrainian artists in Russia. “, the statement said.