Who let the dogs out! Now Kerala to set up ‘Dog Zoos’ to combat stray dogs menace
Source :News Bharati English   Date :12-Jul-2017

Kochi, July 12: Taking the menace of stray dogs into consideration, Kerala government has proposed to set up ‘Dog Zoos’ in all the districts. Kerala has seen several instances of ruthless killing of stray dogs, hence ‘Dog Zoos’ will help to keep the stray dogs off the streets which promises safety of the residential people.

According to media reports, Senior Advocate V Giri informed a Bench of Justices Dipak Misra and MM Shantanagoudar on behalf of the State that the government has framed a policy which requires each District Panchayat to acquire 2-3 acres of agricultural land. "The land will be fenced to create stray dog rehabilitation zoos," he said.

This move has been opposed by the Centre, Animal Welfare Board and NGOs stating that State has failed to curb the rising population of stray dogs.  According to them, by implementing the Animal Birth Control Rules may help in sorting pout the issue. Kerala has been witnessing a huge problem of stray dogs overpopulation.

Senior advocate Anand Grover, appearing for an animal welfare association, said “What the State is planning to do with these dog zoos? These dogs will become even more ferocious and their population will increase.” Instead, he suggested that the Kerala government embrace the Centre’s Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules of 2001 which emphasise on sterilisation and immunisation of stray dogs.

As per reports, the legal counsel of dog bite victims says that 1.16 lakh people had been affected in the state due to dog bites while 22 died. Kerala has nearly 3.5 lakh stray dogs.