Thailand approves $5.5 bn for China to export bullet train technology
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 12-Jul-2017

Bangkok, July 12: To build the first phase of a high-speed railway, Thailand's government on Tuesday approved $5.5 billion after a long delay that will ultimately link Thailand’s Bangkok to southern China. This is the first time that China has received overseas order to export its bullet train technology.

The project is to share China's huge regional infrastructure plan for constructing a high-speed rail network connecting the southern city of Kunming with Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Laos has already begun the construction while the Thai segment of rail has been obstructed for years by struggles over financing, loan terms and protective labour regulations in Thailand.

The high-speed railway is set to start operations in 2021.

As China's attempts to export the bullet train technology were bogged down due to political issues, finance or stiff competition from Japan, the Thailand’s decision is a development of sorts for the Chinese multibillion high-speed train technologies.

China is also trying to achieve the New Delhi-Chennai route for the high-speed train and they have already started a possibility study for it.

After India's first bullet train route was bagged by Japan, Beijing went upset. The project is currently building Mumbai- Ahmedabad bullet train to operate its Shinkansen bullet trains.

China has already built a massive network of bullet trains connecting most of its cities has the world's longest railway network of 22,000 kilometres by the end of 2016.