Uganda to get additional $62.7 Million US help for refugee operation
Source :News Bharati English   Date :12-Jul-2017

Kampala, July 12: The ongoing conflict in some countries of North and Central Africa has helped the rise of a number of refugees worldwide. They live in a pathetic situation without minimum basic necessities. To provide life-saving assistance to the refugees in Uganda, US have pledged nearly $639 million in additional humanitarian assistance.

The decision came after the end of G-20 summit, Uganda Solidarity Summit on Refugees. There are millions of people in South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, and Yemen who are suffering from huge food insecurity. This contribution will help will provide emergency food and nutrition assistance, medical care.

"The United States remains the single largest donor of humanitarian assistance in the affected areas of Uganda. And as this crisis has grown, so have our contributions," said U.S. Ambassador to Uganda Deborah R. Malac.

But the US is now deciding to reduce this fund. Hence Malac added, "But the United States cannot continue to shoulder this responsibility alone. As needs continue to arise, the rest of the international donor community - particularly those who do not historically respond to humanitarian crises - must contribute more to prevent a broader disaster. The lives of millions, both refugees, and the Ugandans hosting them, depend on additional support and assistance."

This extended fund is putting pressure on Uganda government to give proper shelter, food, humanitarian assistance to refugees.