Local govt.s in Japan coming forward as ‘host town’ to welcome athletes in 2020 Olympic
Source :News Bharati English   Date :13-Jul-2017

Tokyo, July 13: Japan, the host nation of 2020 Olympics is facing problem to accommodate the huge amount of guests from all over the world. To host the foreign athletes more than 250 local governments across Japan have come forward. They want to serve as the host nation. Some of the registered host towns have already started basic activities.

To make the arrangements, the central government is taking an idea from local authorities. A northeastern city in Japan Murayama held a two-week training camp for the European country's rhythmic gymnastics team. The municipality hopes "the athletes can get used to Japan". The city is happy to host Bulgaria as enabled us to form a friendship with the country.

A group of 26 athletes and staff visited the city in Yamagata Prefecture. They also got introduced Japanese culture by wearing kimonos. They took part in a Japanese tea ceremony and flower arrangement session offered by local residents.

"It was the first time for most athletes to visit Japan, and they were delighted to be able to take part in cultural activities, which were rare opportunities," an official said.

The Host Town initiative will help the government to shoulder up to half the costs for localities to hold sports and cultural exchanges. But Olympic minister Tamayo Marukawa has told a grim fact that most of the host towns are trying to welcome "from industrialized countries and Southeast Asia, with only six African countries involved."