New Telecom Policy will be Application driven: Manoj Sinha
Source :News Bharati English   Date :13-Jul-2017

New Delhi, July 13: As India is heading towards a digital economy, that requires proper connection to Digital India program. To make a different communication system, the communication ministry is working on a new Telecom Policy which will be application driven as compared to National Telecom Policy, 2012. The old policy was connection driven. The Minister of Communications Manoj Sinha spoke at a seminar in New Delhi on the topic of ICT: Engendering New Governance Structure.

The Communication Minister new policy has to be focused on the end users and should look at the newer opportunities for expanding the availability of Telecom services.

At this point of time, communication sector has an important position for socio-economic development in an increasingly knowledge-intensive world. Now service providers are rapidly deploying the 4 G technology. Hence the need to expand the connectivity to all parts including the north-eastern and Left Wing Extremism affected areas and Secondly to keep an eye on future generation that is 5 G technology and ensure that India plays a key role in standards development and get a healthy share of the innovations and patents in the 5G technology pool need to be considered properly.

For the first time, the Ministry has decided to involve a large pool of experts from outside the department to get more inputs from the citizens and stakeholders for the new policy.