Putin wants inclusion of advanced technology in Russian financial sector
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 13-Jul-2017

St. Petersburg, July 13: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants India to advance digitally in every sector, especially in economy. Like that only, Russian President Vladimir Putin also wants his country to go digital. On Thursday in a financial meet, Putin sent this greet telling the need to implement advanced technologies to increase the competitiveness of the Russian financial sector.

In International Finance Congress(2017) Over 1,200 business leaders, experts and officials participated. This year’s theme was "Finance for Development". This St. Petersburg meet had discussions on financial system’s contribution to the country’s economic development and measures that can be taken in this area.

"It is important to ensure the stability of the banking sector, to achieve consistent reduction of inflation, to reliably protect the rights of consumers. This opens up new opportunities for investment and entrepreneurial activity. And of course, it is necessary to introduce advanced technologies that meet world standards, which will allow increasing the competitiveness of the Russian financial sector and the availability of its services to the public and business," a statement from Kremlin said as local media reported.

The effectiveness of financial, monetary policy is important for citizen’s welfare. Along with that, stability and growth of the national economy depend on the effectiveness.