Bihar grand alliance crisis reaches climax; Tejashwi skips event attended by Bihar CM
Source :News Bharati English   Date :16-Jul-2017

Patna, July 16: All the indications of the split in the grand alliance of Bihar have received one stronger sign on Saturday. On the demand of Tejswavi’s resignation from Bihar deputy CM post, RJD made clear that they won’t go for it. On the other hand, JDU clearly announced that they won’t compromise Nithis Kumar’s image by any means. All these hot exchanges of words reached its climax on Saturday when Tejaswi Prasad Yadav skipped a government function, which was attended by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Initially, the nameplate of Tejashwi was kept by the organizers. His seat was allocated beside Nitish Kumar. The function was held to mark the World Youth Skill Day. Later the nameplate was removed. Even Nitish Kumar swapped his seat with another JDU leader as he was sitting beside Labour Resources Minister and RJD leader Vijay Prakash. This indicates Bihar CM is strong willed to maintain distance from corruption.

Nitish Kumar avoided any conflict before the screen. He only smiled at media on the questions of Tejashwi's absence in the program. Defending the seat swapping, JD(U) claimed that the CM changed his seat to have a “better view” of the television screen.

In Bihar assembly, RJD has 80 seats whereas JDU has 71. On Thursday, one RJD leader emphasized on 80 seat fact in the coalition. Replying to that, "The RJD, which is showing arrogance of 80 MLAs, should not forget that it was reduced to 22 MLAs in 2010 state poll and in the elections in 2015 their number swelled due to the credible face of Nitish Kumar as head of the coalition," state JD(U) chief spokesman Sanjay Singh said.

RJD Chief Lalu Prasad also commented supporting his son, "FIR is not a sufficient reason for his son to step down as the deputy chief minister of Bihar." "Some media in the name of 'utpati (destructive) sources' is running one-point program of BJP...I feel like laughing at it loudly," Tejashwi said on Twitter.