Myanmar is a key pillar of India’s “Act East” Policy: PM Modi
Source :News Bharati English   Date :16-Jul-2017

New Delhi, July 16: Whereas Myanmar is a very important neighboring country of India, it has not received enough attention from previous governments. After coming to power, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is giving more attention to the north eastern part of country and important neighbors. On Friday, The Commander-in-Chief of the Myanmar Defence Services, Sr Gen U Min Aung Hliang briefed Prime Minister Modi on Friday about bilateral defense and security cooperation.

PM Modi expressed his strong will to head towards a stronger India and Myanmar relationship. He wants to improve the relationship in all areas. He also described Myanmar as a “key pillar” of India’s ‘Act East’ policy. The North East of India has been a priority in Act East Policy (AEP).

Embeded ObjectIndia's Act East Policy focuses on the extended neighborhood in the Asia-Pacific region. The Objective of ''Act East Policy” is to promote economic cooperation, cultural ties and develop the strategic relationship with countries in the Asia-Pacific region through continuous engagement at bilateral, regional and multilateral levels thereby providing enhanced connectivity to the States of North Eastern Region including Arunachal Pradesh with other countries in our neighborhood.

Embeded ObjectMyanmar’s military chief condemned the recent terrorist attack on Amarnath yatra pilgrims in Kashmir and expressed his sincere condolences for the victims. PM conveyed his condolences at the loss of lives of Myanmar armed forces personnel & their families in the tragic air crash of 7 June 2017.

PM Modi appreciated the close cooperation between the Armed forces of India and Myanmar.