Wall collapse at Senegal football stadium takes away 8 lives injuring several others
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 16-Jul-2017

Dakar, July 16: A football match in weekend turned out a big tragic accident in Senegal. A wall collapsed onto clashing supporters at Demba Diop Stadium. After the game between local teams, Ouakam and Stade de Mbour people were leaving the stadium. Then the wall collapse created panic and triggered a stampede. 8 people have been killed during the match.

As local media reported, Sports Minister Matar Ba said a young girl was among the dead. He vowed, "strong measures so that such an event will never be repeated in Senegal." Firefighters and ambulances were deployed in a huge amount on late Saturday.

"All of a sudden when the wall fell... we knew exactly that some of our own had lost their lives because the wall fell directly onto people," said Cheikh Maba Diop, a witness. "What I find terrible is that we have this kind of final in this kind of stadium here where there isn't enough security," he added.

Supporters from both teams were throwing projectiles. Police fired tear gas at clashing supporters. Belongings covered in blood at the site were scattered.

Senegal’s safety record in public gatherings is now highly questioned. Dozens of people at a religious retreat in April died this year when a fire ripped through makeshift shelters.