A survey poll in Japan shows Shinzo Abe Cabinet’s declining popularity
Source :News Bharati English   Date :17-Jul-2017

Tokyo, July 17: The popularity of Japan PM Shinzo Abe may influence other countries but the nation is losing its trust on PM gradually. The first proof was Tokyo election where Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) faced a historic defeat. The approval rating for Abe's Cabinet has fallen 9.1 points from June to 35.8 percent, a local media poll showed on Sunday. Since Abe came to power for the second time, this was the worst decline.

In a case of the education sector, be drowned into high scandal when he was alleged to help a friend to get his permission for a new department in the University. Though LDP and Abe strongly denied such claim, people from the nation could not rely on that. 77.8 percent of respondents of the nationwide telephone survey said they were not convinced. The controversial anti-conspiracy law also played against Abe.

After the Tokyo election, Abe declared to reshuffle his cabinet to regain trust.  Even in the case of Constitutional reform, 54.8 percent were opposed to amending it under the Abe administration, while 32.6 percent expressed support. His inability to replace Defense Minister Tomomi Inada who made a controversial remark regarding the Self-Defense Forces' support for the LDP candidate, is viewed as his failure.

The survey covering 740 randomly selected households with eligible voters as well as 1,069 mobile phone numbers received responses from 509 and 506 people.