This time the #PresidentialElection are historic: PM Modi
Source :NewsBharati   Date :17-Jul-2017
Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted before presidential election. In the tweet he wrote that this election of President of this time is historic. PM Modi wrote, 'For the 1st time no party has made comments on the other candidate. All parties took care of the dignity of this election. This is the height of maturity of our democracy. Now we have to ensure that no single vote gets wasted."
PM Modi said during all party meeting ahead of Monsoon Session of Parliament yesterday, “It would have been better had the Presidential election been held by consensus. However, it is a matter of satisfaction and pride that the election campaign has been a dignified one. All the political parties need to be congratulated. All parties must train their MPs and MLAs to cast their votes so that not a single vote is wasted.”

He further added “the need of the hour is to ensure that we make maximum use of the time in this session. Barring a few exceptions, there has been a considerable increase in parliament productivity over the past three years. My thanks to all the political parties for this.”

“I am quite optimistic that the time allocated for the business of the house would be utilized in an effective manner in the monsoon session and it will set a record in terms of parliamentary productivity. All political parties must co-operate in this regard”, PM Modi said.

Meanwhile, the Monsoon Session of Parliament is scheduled to be held from today and subject to exigencies of Government Business, the Session may conclude on 11th August. The Session will provide a total of 19 sittings spread over a period of 26 days including four Private Members’ days. Further, 21 Bills are pending in Lok Sabha while 42 Bills are pending in Rajya Sabha.