Egypt’s Cairo witnesses deadly clash of Police and island 'squatters' on Nile Island
Source :News Bharati English   Date :17-Jul-2017

Cairo, July 17: A clash between Police and local residents in an island of Neil turned out violent on Sunday. Police went to evacuate and demolish buildings that had allegedly been constructed illegally. A person was killed rather say was allegedly shot by Police. The police force withdrew from the Al-Waraq Island. The action of evacuation is adjourned until further notice local media reported. 16 residents and 11 policemen, including Deputy Director of the Giza Investigation Bureau, General Reda Al-Omda, were injured during the clashes.

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi backed the evacuation order. A campaign was started to demolish unlicensed buildings and remove trespassers from state land. As from recent local media report, it has been the week that police and army troops are demolishing buildings or commercial facilities. Build illegal a building is a very common practice in Egypt.

As per health Ministry report, at least 19 protesters suffered respiratory distress and impacts from rubber bullets. "The [police] force was taken by surprise as attackers gathered and used rubber bullets and stones," an Interior Ministry report stated.

“There’s an island in the middle of the Nile that stretches over 1,250 feddans. Havoc has spread in it, and people have been building on land that they seized. And now there’s 50,000 houses there. Where does their sewage go? It goes into the Nile water that we drink. We can’t allow that and hurt ourselves,” President Sisi said.

 “If it’s illegal, why did you introduce government facilities?” asks Abdel Hamid Abdallah, a local resident. “Why are they blaming us? They should be blaming themselves. We have electricity, water stations, a school that I went to. Warraq village is a large hometown, not a place where a few old men live,” says 68-year-old Hajj Hassan, who is known as the island’s calligrapher.