TMC Councilors in Mirik Municipality allege Morcha supporters for forcing them to resign
Source :News Bharati English   Date :17-Jul-2017

Mirik, July 17: The clash in Darjeeling now turns more political. In the last Municipal Election in the hill area, Mirik municipality was the only one among others, where Trinamool Congress earned a majority. To make their political stand stronger in the hill, Gorkha Janmukti Morcha wants TMC counselors to resign from their post. As it is alleged GJM supporters are openly warning TMC councilors in open market to resign soon.  Even the chairman and vice chairman were warned by GJM supporters.

As local media reported, some of the councilors have agreed to resign due to such pressure. Rests of the councilors have agreed to resign unwillingly. TMC leader Sourav Chakraborty has said that this incident is harmful to democracy. The GJM supporters are applying their unjustified force on elected candidates. Whereas TMC is alleging for harming democracy, oppositions are raising the same question about Mamata Banerjee’s repressive measures.

The law and order situation is so bad that Mirik Chairman told, “We have security but facing continuous pressure. It is quite difficult to bear the pressure.” Tourism Minister Gautam Deb has requested GJM to respect democracy. According to him, this act is such shameful.

Morcha wants again an election in Mirik. If all the TMC councilors resign, they would be able to go for another election. In this situation, Political Parties from plane won’t be able to make any impression in the election.