Don't scold your kids, Read why!
Source :News Bharati English   Date :18-Jul-2017

Washington, July 18: As per a latest German study, scolding kids may only encourage them to continue with their bad habits. Kids can only learn to stop undesirable tendencies if they are given an alternative - not just criticism.

This is in contrast to a 2015 study which found that people are more likely to alter their behaviour if they think they are going to be punished rather than being offered rewards. Professor Andreas Eder at the Institute of General Psychology of the University of Würzburg was behind the study.

He said 'We were able to show that punishment alone does not automatically cause the punished behaviour to be suppressed.' For the study, researchers asked participants to complete a simple task involving a number flashing on a screen.

The scientists were taken aback by this outcome, which showed punishment alone is not enough to stop undesirable behaviour. They said it showed punishment didn't always suppress bad behaviour, even if participants knew something unpleasant would follow. The latest findings were published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

How was the study carried out?

  • Volunteers had to decide whether the number was greater or smaller than five by choosing a key that represented higher or lower.
  • However, the participants already knew that when pressing one of the two keys they would receive a slightly painful electric shock.
  • The scientists assumed that the participants would press the shock-delivering key more slowly, fearing the consequence.
  • Surprisingly, the exact opposite was the case. The participants pressed the pain-inducing key even more quickly than before.