Voices for Free Sindhudesh echoed in Pakistan again
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 18-Jul-2017

Islamabad, July 18: Amongst four provinces of Pakistan Balochistan and Sindh is demanding for its independence due to Islamabad’s worst rule and apathy towards the people of this regions. The movements, voices of locals in Sindh is slowly and steadily rising effectively just because of Islamabad’s worst rule and apathy as it continues to suppress the people of this region. Notably, a huge amount of protesters came together and carried a massive rally with a demand for an independent state.

Thousands of locals marched on the streets from Sindh University (Old Campus) and ended at the District Press Club, Hyderabad raising anti-establishment slogans and demanding an independent Sindh. The protesters were also carrying anti-CPEC, anti-extremist and religious terrorism banners and placards, which demanded the independence of Sindh, the release of Sindhi Political Activists abducted and enforced disappeared by Pakistani Army and ISI.

Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM), a Sindh-based nationalist party, led the massive rally-cum-march. Pakistani Rangers on the other side tried to stop the march by unleashing a heavy baton charge and firing of teargas shells. More than 100 JSMM activists were arrested.

Meanwhile, the JSMM Chairman condemned what he called the state torture of protesters, describing it as "an open violation of the right to freedom of expression and speech". The exiled JSMM Chairman Shafi Burfat condemned the use of force and torture against the JSMM activists demanding the safe recovery of JSMM and JSQM activists abducted and enforced disappeared by Pakistani Military and ISI. In his statement issued to press, the JSMM chairman highlighted the “Historic Nationally independent status of Sindh”.

Addressing the procession, he said “Sindh has remained an independent country since ages, it was an independent country since the year 1843 when British Imperialism invaded and subjugated it and gifted it to its loyal Punjabi mercenaries in 1947 to keep hold of the Indian ocean waters. The independence movement of Sindh has been struggling for the restoration of the historic nationally independent identity of Sindh.

“Today, Sindh is under the theocratic fascist Punjabi occupation in Pakistan in the name of the Islam. Sindhi independence movement is fighting its case on diplomatic and international fronts effectively and the sacrifices, painstaking,” Shafi Burfat added.

However, in recent times, Sindhudesh is continuously protesting against China’s CPEC project as well as against Pakistan’s torture and worst rule. Not only Sindhudesh, Balochistan and Pakistan occupied Kashmir staged many protests against Pakistan and China. Huge protests were also witnessed in Muzaffarabad, Kotli, Chinari and Mirpur against CPEC project.