Go back to Darjeeling and cast your votes there: TMC MLA allegedly yells at Morcha legislators
Source :News Bharati English   Date :18-Jul-2017

Kolkata, July 18: The rule of goons of Trinamool Congress leaders have overpowered Bengal since 2011. During her election campaigns, Mamata Banerjee promised to bring the change in state. But the rule of evil power did not stop there, only the face of the evil has changed. The bullies of TMC leaders on Monday reached in the assembly house during presidential polls. A TMC leader Paresh Pal harassed three Gorkha Janmukti Morcha leaders when they went to cast their vote.

An angry exchange of words over the unrest in hills started from TMC leader Paresh Pal’s comment. He suddenly pointed finger at Morcha’s Saritha Rai, Rohit Sharma and Amar Singh Rai and yelled at them. “You have come here to cast your votes after setting the hills ablaze. Go back to Darjeeling and cast your votes there. You are trying to malign our government.”, he said.

BJP leader Dilip Ghosh tried to handle the situation but he was also yelled at. Paresh Pal said he is roaming freely at “Didi”’s mercy. He alleges Ghosh for using indecent language. Dilip Ghosh reacted saying, “please don’t show off Mamata Banerjee to me.”

On the basis of this incident, Darjeeling MLA Rai alleged the TMC leader for lacking the ability to show respect to fellow legislators. “It only showed the attitude of ruling party towards our cause and the lack of sincerity in resolving the hill issue.”, another Morcha legislator said. According to local media, didi was displeased with Paresh Pal for such comments.