The “gods” in human attire give a child 2 new hands by transplant for the first time
Source :News Bharati English   Date :19-Jul-2017

Maryland, July 19: The transplant sector in Medical has improved a lot in recent years. After several achievements, now transplant medicine has created another revolutionary achievement with World's first child double hand transplant. After almost 11 hours of surgery involving four teams of doctors, Zion Harvey had got two hands again. The experts who were involved in the operation has announced it a success.

The 8-year-old boy from Baltimore, Maryland his hands and feet amputated due to a sepsis infection. He also had a kidney transplant. Now he is enjoying the freedom and independence his new hands have given him. The experts are expecting using the knowledge gained from this operation. "The world's first double hand transplant in a child has been successful under carefully considered circumstances," said the report.

“At 18 months [after the transplant], the child had exceeded his previous adaptive abilities. As of 18 months after transplantation surgery, he is able to write and feed, toilet and dress himself more independently and efficiently than he could do before transplantation,” writes the team from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in the Lancet Child and Adolescent Health.

For a further implementation of the same process, a doctor from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where Zion was treated said that hand transplant surgery is possible when carefully managed and supported by a proper team. According to her, the team should consist of surgeons, transplant specialists, occupational therapists, rehabilitation teams, social workers, and psychologists.

But the story is not all about easy success. After the transplant, Zion’s body rejected new hands many times. The boy’s brain developed a new system to control the new hands and experience touch sensations from them gradually. Zion could use scissors and crayons and could swing a baseball bat after 8 months. He takes four different immunosuppressive drugs, including one steroid which can impact growth and bone health.