Now technology will help in conversion of ‘Sea Water’ into ‘Drinking Water’
Source :News Bharati English   Date :19-Jul-2017

New Delhi, July 19: In order to solve water issues in India, the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) comes up with the technology which will help in generating drinking water by transforming sea water. NIOT has indigenously developed and demonstrated Low-Temperature Thermal Desalination (LTTD) technology for conversion of sea water to drinking water.

Three desalination plants, one each at Kavaratti, Minicoy, and Agatti islands of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep have been successfully commissioned by NIOT. The each plant has the capacity of 1 lakh litre of potable water per day, based on LTTD technology.

Recently, the proposal of 6 LTTD plants was approved and the each plant will have the capacity of 1.5 lakh litres per day in the islands of Amini, Androth, Kadamat, Chetlat, Kalpeni and Kiltan of Lakshadweep. The proposal was approved by the Drinking Water and Sanitation Ministry to Lakshadweep Administration.

Using condenser waste heat from the power plant, one experimental LTTD plant was set up at North Chennai Thermal Power Station (NCTPS).  This experimental LTTD plant uses the surface seawater to condense the vapours generated from the thermal effluent to produce potable water as well as boiler quality water.