The flood hit Southwestern Japan starts constructing temporary homes
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 19-Jul-2017

Fukuoka, July 19: Japan always makes history when it comes to recovery. The nation which was badly affected in World War II turned out to be one of the largest economies of World in less than 50 years.  In the same manner, the southwestern Japan which was hit by a massive flood in last week has started construction of temporary homes. The flood killed 34 and injured several.

The local authorities in Kyushu have started the construction work. The Fukuoka prefectural government plans to build a total of 57 units in Asakura and Toho. These areas were hit hardest by the flood. Many of the residents had to unwillingly evacuate from the area. The plain is aimed to ensure the return of residents in August.

Toho Mayor Hiroaki Shibuya told construction workers, "It was an unprecedented calamity. I hope to see the construction of houses where residents can live at ease as soon as possible." "We hope to alleviate residents' stress by building houses with a warm feeling," a Fukuoka prefectural government official said.

The temporary houses in Fukuoka will be made of wood. Based on a survey which has covered residents affected by the heavy rain, the number of temporary homes is decided by Fukuoka Government. In Oita, the prefectural government has decided to cover the cost of more than 30 rented homes and offer 40 public housing units for free in the city of Hita.