Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Palaniswami slams Kamal Haasan
Source :News Bharati English   Date :19-Jul-2017











Chennai, July 19: First time reacting to the recent tweet of Super star Kamal Haasan Chief minister Palaniswami said that the actor does not have any idea about politics. Questioning the intentions of veteran actor, the Chief Minister said, “Let him express his opinions. After he enters politics, I'll reply to him".

The Tamil Super star is facing criticism from the Tamil Nadu Ministers and AIADMK cadres after his controversial interview where he slammed incumbent government for rampant corruption in the state of Tamil Nadu.

As reported by NDTV the Chief Minister suggested that Haasan could have hosted a reality show in a village bringing the urban elite, actors and others involving them in farming activity-from buying the seeds till the produce is sold in the market.

“A reality show on this concept would have shown the travails of a farmer to the world and would have got the global acclaim. Actually, farmers are the Big Bosses in the world,” he added.