What to expect from the Royal Family’s ‘diplomatic’ tour to Europe? Read here briefly!
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 19-Jul-2017

London, July 19: The land of royal princes and princesses of Britain has been sparked off with uncountable headlines after it announced ‘Brexit’ in 2015. The recent general elections and the meltdown of PM Theresa May has resulted into a downfall of the country. Trying a hand to normalize the situation and extending a supportive hand, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge embarked upon a ‘historic’ visit to Poland and Germany on July 18. The royal couple at the moment has already reached Germany and will be meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  The efforts from the royal family will be to accelerate UK-Germany relationship.

The visit comes around at a time when the Brexit talks are underway in Brussels. The diplomatic tour of the royal family has come with an aim to deepen the relationship between Europe and Britain after Brexit happens. The royal family is always above politics, this tour is a sign of connecting with people and organisations in the European countries. Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are the important ambassadors for any kind of diplomatic contribution.

Keeping the visit in mind, William and Kate can’t directly embark upon such an important trip. The diplomatic visit to Poland and Germany came at the cost of Queen’s approval and request from the sitting Government and the Foreign Office. Furthermore, Poland and Germany are two crucial countries involved in the ongoing Brexit negotiations. The visit of the royal family to the two countries is to preserve the citizen’s rights and future trade deals with Britain.