The underwater robot starts its probe inside nuclear disaster hit Fukushima plant
Source :News Bharati English   Date :19-Jul-2017

Fukushima, July 19: Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in 2011 is considered as the second most dangerous disaster in the world.  Radiation emanated from the power plant contaminated the soil of the total area leading to forced evacuation of all local civilians. To examine the damaged part of Fukushima nuclear reactor, the underwater robot has started its operation.

On Wednesday, the robot entered the structure around 6:30 a.m. A pipe connected to the containment vessel houses the reactor pressure vessel. Through this pipe, the robot entered. The remote-controlled robot is attached to cables. The underwater robot is equipped with a camera.

After the robot’s Wednesday journey, it will again travel on Friday on the basis of today's out comings. The second travel will be directed towards the bottom of the containment vessel. It is believed that the deposits of melted fuel wreckage are accumulated there. To cool the fuel Tepco has injected about 6.4 meters of water.

After the accident of 2011, robotics has played an important role in the clean-up task. But 7 robots deployed to assess the damage succumbed to the hostile environment of the reactor after giving some data. Amid high radiation levels, its motion failed to lead to the collapse.