Telangana orders schools to reduce students’ bag burden
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 19-Jul-2017

Hyderabad, July 19: Noticing the heavy weighted bag carried by school students, the Telangana government on Tuesday issued orders slashing the load with immediate effect. This decision by state government spread the relief amongst the parents as well students as they don’t have to carry heavy loads to school.

The government warned state schools that the students of classes I and II should not carry bags weighing more than 1.5 kg, while for Classes III to V, the weight should not exceed 3 kg. For classes VI and VII, the school bag should not weigh beyond 4 kg and for classes VIII and IX, not more than 4.5 kg. For Class X, the bag weight should not exceed 5 kg.

Before issuing such order benefiting the school students, children were carrying bags weighing from 6 kg to 12 kg and sometimes even 17 kg, thus endangering the condition of their vertebral column and knees. In many schools, students have to climb the school floors carrying such heavy load on the back which can further invite various health hazards.

After conducting a survey, the government fixed the weights for each class, informed the officials from the Directorate of School Education. State Government also ordered schools to provide safe drinking water so as to avoid children getting water bottles from home, which add to their load.

The order stated that there should be no homework for primary school students, all the work pertaining to exercises given at the end of each unit/lesson in textbooks should be done during school hours under the supervision of teachers. “The school should plan for homework to classes VI to X by allocating particular days for homework for specific subjects”, added order.