Overcoming a nightmare; Congo declares an end to Ebola outbreak
Source :News Bharati English   Date :02-Jul-2017

Brazzaville, July 2: In the first half of this year, Ebola grasped the normal flow of life in many countries. Among other countries, Congo was one of the Ebola victims. During the month of May, WHO informed Ebola outbreak news in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Finally on Saturday, overcoming this nightmare the Democratic Republic of Congo declared an end to its two-month Ebola outbreak.

Health Minister of Congo, Oly Ilunga announced, “"I declare on this day, at midnight, the end of the outbreak of the hemorrhagic fever of the Ebola virus in DRC."  The outbreak was fared much because of its deadliest history in West Africa. The outbreak left 11,300 people dead and it swept through Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

According to an official report, the Ebola situation in Congo was last updated on 15th June.  After that, no new cases were confirmed.  105 suspected cases were reported but none of it was confirmed positive. According to WHO, this was the eighth outbreak in Congo since 1976. 

"The government of DRC has been very transparent in declaring that there is the outbreak and that really facilitated ... communication and information sharing and rapid action," Ibrahima Soce Fall, a senior World Health Organization official in Africa told a news agency.