Ukraine claims to have proof of Russia connection to global Cyber attack
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 02-Jul-2017

Kiev, July 2: Russia has been often alleged of different cyber-attacks, hacking. Russian Security Agency has been claimed several times for organizing cyber-warfare against other countries. Even a Russian hacker once confessed that he was paid by Russian state security services to lead hacking attacks on NATO computers. Now resembling the history, the country is again put blame by Ukraine for last week’s worldwide cyber-attack.  Ukraine has even claimed it has proof against Moscow.

Last week Cyber-attack disrupted business worldwide. It locked computers and in Australia halted a production of a Cadbury factory in Australia. The Ukrainian security agency, known as the SBU has said that it was able to obtain a data which shows similarities between this malicious software attacks and a previous attack in December.

"The available data, including those obtained in cooperation with international antivirus companies, give us reason to believe that the same hacking groups are involved in the attacks, which in December 2016 attacked the financial system, transport, and energy facilities of Ukraine using TeleBots and BlackEnergy,", the statement said.

When the attack started, Ukraine was the country to be affected very fast.  Ukrainian Police was reported of 1000 messages on intrusions in the operations of computer networks over a single day. Due to constant demands for ransom payments computers at government agencies, energy companies and cash machines were temporarily disabled.

After Crimea annexation, the countries are in constant conflict with each other. Ukraine termed the hacking as a "hybrid war" by Russia on Kiev.

Moscow clearly denied this claim saying that the allegations were "unfounded". The last cyber-attack also hit some major Russian firms. Some cyber security researchers suggested due to that Moscow was not behind it.