TMC’s self-proclaimed martyr’s day causing distress for daily passengers in Kolkata
Source :News Bharati English   Date :21-Jul-2017

Kolkata, July 21: TMC leader Mamata Banerjee who progressed few steps in National politics is now facing a total setback.  The Narada, Sarad scam has ruined the clean image which Didi used to uphold. Now on 21st July, on its self-proclaimed Martyr day, Bengal CM wants to revive her political position. Though the video footages of Martyr day has raised a question about how someone can celebrate Martyr day in such a loud way.

Back in 1993, 13 workers lost their lives at Mayo Road in Kolkata allegedly by police firing. Then Jyoti Basu was the CM of Bengal. They were marching to Writers’ Building, led by current Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, then Opposition leader. But then TMC was not even formed, Mamata was a worker of youth congress. After forming TMC, she started observing 21st July as Martyr’s day.

The place which has been chosen by TMC to observe the day is a very important crossing of Kolkata, near Victoria House in Esplanade area. TMC supporters across the state have gathered in Kolkata to join the rallies. The TMC crowd is flooding the public transports- bus, train, launch. Though Mamata has said she is not concerned about the size of the crowd, his nephew Abhishek Banerjee said this year’s gathering is going to be historic.

Embeded ObjectAbhishek’s such declaration has turned the Police officers insomniac. 19 deputy commissioners have been deployed on Friday to look after security. There will be a huge force under each of them. The numbers of mini buses are going to be decreased to 500 from 1200. The same condition in cases of private buses. Even getting a cab by the app is even questionable.

Embeded ObjectLots of students are stuck in the crowd. Office goers are trying to escape the office. Tribal dance is going on in front of the meeting place, questioning how martyrs can be remembered such a happy way. Dhakis are performing near the meetings. IS it Durga Puja or remembering

South Kalkatamukhi vehicle is being sent by Brabourne Road and the defendant bug.  The cars from Ganesh Chandra Avenue re being turned in another direction. All these are important streets of the city. Additional police system has been deployed at 10 metro stations.