Egypt shows discontent over the travel warning issued by the US
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 21-Jul-2017

Cairo, July 21: The US has been constantly showing its concern Iover increasing terrorism in different parts of the World, especially in the middle east. It has currently released a warning its citizens against travel to the Middle Eastern country. This warning came following after the threats from terrorists and violent political groups. US State Department issued the warning on Wednesday.

“Terrorist attacks can occur anywhere in the country, including major metropolitan areas. In early May, ISIS media threatened that places associated with Westerners, Christians, or the Egyptian military and police could be struck at any time,” the US Department of State’s website published.

A spokesman for Egypt's Foreign Ministry Ahmed Abu Zaid said the Egyptian embassy in Washington has handed over a letter of dissatisfaction to the US State Department over the phrasing of its travel warning issued. Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry directed on Thursday the Egyptian Embassy in Washington to do so.

According to Egypt foreign ministry, the travel instruction which has been issued pointed out at terror attacks that occurred years ago. The statement gives the impression that the terror attacks had happened recently.

The spokesperson also noted the distinction between the so-called “violent opposition political groups” and terrorist groups are not properly acceptable. He has said that all political groups committing violence are considered terrorist groups.

As Egypt has a good tourism industry, according to Egyptian authorities it has increased security measures at tourist and strategic areas. Abu Zaid said he is surprised over such warning. They are dissatisfied with US’s particular pointing to only Egypt, whereas the US has not issued the warning for other countries suffering from similar terror attacks. Egypt expected cooperation from the US in such situation.