Do at least one environment-friendly act every day in order to preserve it: Dr Harsh Vardhan
Source :News Bharati English   Date :21-Jul-2017

New Delhi, July 21: Everyone should not only plant saplings but should also care for the plants as a member of one’s own family urged Environment Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan and noted termed the planting of saplings as a divine work.

Leading the sapling plantation programme in New Delhi on Thursday, Dr Harsh Vardhan said “trees have a very important place in our lives. They not only help in making the environment pure but also provide life-giving oxygen, fruits, flowers, shade and cool the environment”.

The Minister pointed out that after becoming the Environment Minister, he has had the opportunity to plant saplings at several places in the country, but the pleasure that he got today in planting saplings while getting drenched in rain is an unparalleled experience.

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Dr Harsh Vardhan emphasised that plants blossom faster during the rainy season, so we should plant a large number of saplings during this season. 

Attending the programme, the Minister impressed upon the people to remain alerted towards protection of the environment and added that everyone must undertake one act for the environment every day.

Union Minister also urged the people to use cycle at least once a week, as it will prove beneficial to the environment, as well as our health and asked people to protect and conserve the flora and fauna. He said, “Do at least one environment-friendly act every day in order to preserve it”.