Egyptian President Sisi opens “biggest military base” in the region
Source :News Bharati English   Date :23-Jul-2017

Alexandria, July 23: Mohammed Naguib military base which has been opened in Egypt on Saturday is reported as the biggest in the Middle East and Africa. Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi launched the base in a huge ceremony. The base has been launched to protect facilities and projects in coastal cities. The base is named after Egypt’s first President.

Guests from Arab countries were also present at the ceremony. It comes ahead of the 65th anniversary of the July 23 military coup which ended the monarchy. In the ceremony, the graduates of colleges and military institutes were also present.

The Arab presence in the ceremony has been emphasized by President Sisi. He said that the Arab participation in the inauguration ceremony of Mohammed Naguib military base is a strong proof of Arab unity. He also emphasized the importance of co-operational force to tackle the challenges affecting the Arab nation.

“We can never forgive those who spend billions of dollars in support of terrorism to kill our people and then speak about brotherhood and neighborhood, ”Sisi said on terrorism. “Terrorism, however, will be a catalyst for exerting more efforts at all levels” added the president of Egypt.