Will Europeans lose their nationality for a British passport after Brexit? Read here!
Source :News Bharati English   Date :23-Jul-2017

London, July 23: The Brexit fever looms over the entire EU nationals’ community in Britain. The confusion regarding the EU’s nationality remains as the British government hasn’t given out any directives yet. However, with ongoing uncertainty over the rights for EU nationals after Brexit, many Europeans who live in the UK are considering applying for the British nationality. Although a lengthy and expensive process, it secures their future after March 2019.

Such a move by the immigrants will force them to leave their original nationality. In fact, there are about 1,00,000 Dutch nationals living in Britain and the Dutch PM has warned previously that taking a British Passport means giving up their Dutch passport. The Dutch government last month had initiated a campaign to explain the risks Dutch citizens in U.K would be taking.

Like the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Norway and couple of other countries also do not acknowledge dual citizenship. The dual nationality discussion in these countries is two-fold: around nationals abroad and foreigners in the country. For those in the UK, the other option is not to take up British citizenship, which could potentially cause problems in areas such as work permits and rights to education.

However, Denmark was one of the latest EU countries to allow dual citizenship, with a new law in 2015. But Brexit has revitalised the debate in most of the remaining countries.

In many cases, it’s seen that the EU immigrants might take up the British passport to stay in the country. While there are thousands of them leaving Britain to save their dignity. Brexit in 2019 will be the hardest time for all the European countries and others too. The facet of the world trade and investment will hit a strong ground.