Unique hydrogel 5 times stronger than steel could create artificial human organs too
Source :News Bharati English   Date :23-Jul-2017

Tokyo, July 23: As we age years towards a new future, the field of science and technology advances more day-by-day creating revolutionary inventions. Today, a paraplegic could be provided with artificial limbs, and with the speed that the technology is advancing, we are not far behind before we can create a man-made human being. However, researchers in Japan have developed a new gel that is stronger than any metal like steel. The flexibility of the jello could help the scientists to heal our bodies and develop biological organs.

This composite material was developed in Hokkaido University where the scientists spent 3 years continuously to understand and develop the product. The particular combination maximizes its resilience and makes it 100 times stronger than hydrogels and 25 times tougher than glass fiber fabric.

Professor Jian Ping Gong is one of the top most hydrogel experts in the world. She led the team and said that,” It might be used as a biological substitute like artificial cartilage, or artificial ligament, or any other biological organ.” It could be used to produce bulletproof vests, sports clothing, helmets and so many other products.

This fiber reinforced hydrogel product with no-name yet can revolutionize how we grow old, like bringing a great change in joint replacements for the old age section of the society. At the moment, we use metal or just fiber to join two ligaments which can’t withstand the daily wear and tear of our legs. In that case, this fiber reinforced hydrogel could be the next advanced solution for all of us.