Underwater Robot captures image of melted fuel inside nuclear-disaster hit Fukushima reactor
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 23-Jul-2017

Tokyo, July 23: The 2011 nuclear disaster in Fukushima is World’s second largest disaster after Chebril. After six years of the disaster, the underwater robot which is probing the no.3 reactor of Fukushima power plant has spotted fuel wreckage for the first time. Images captured by the robot have shown massive deposits believed to be melted nuclear fuel covering the floor of the damaged reactor.

A part of debris looks like rocks and sand. The large amounts of solidified lava-like rocks and lumps have created an almost 1-meter thick layer. The three-day probe of Unit 3 ended Saturday. After analysis, Tokyo Electric Power Co. will start the retrieval process.

The same probe had been tried in other two reactors. But due to extremely high radiation level, the probe became unsuccessful. TEPCO spokesman Takahiro Kimoto said it would take the time to analyze the debris in the images to figure out debris removal methods. "We think that the fuel inside the vessel melted and caused structures to fall from above," Kimoto said at a press conference.

On Wednesday, the robot entered the structure around 6:30 a.m. A pipe connected to the containment vessel houses the reactor pressure vessel. Through this pipe, the robot entered. The remote-controlled robot was attached to cables. The underwater robot was equipped with a camera.