Maharashtra Farmers: Aadhaar is must to avail the benefits of loan waiver scheme
Source :News Bharati English   Date :24-Jul-2017

Mumbai, July 24: As Maharashtra government has taken definite steps to bring relief for the farmers of Maharashtra by promising the loan waivers. Those eligible farmers in Maharashtra can now start applying to avail the loan waiver scheme. Aadhaar has been made compulsory for every applicant.

Farmers in the state who are eligible to avail the loan waiver have one month's time to apply which started from today. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis government has prepared specific forms for farmers to avail the Rs 34,000 Crore loan waiver.

A checklist has been put up to filter out farmers who are not eligible for the waiver. In a bid to weed out ghost accounts and undeserving beneficiaries, the government has made it mandatory for farmers to give their Aadhaar numbers. "We have prepared simple forms, which will be available at 25,000 centres. Every Gram Panchayat will have at least one centre to collect the forms. It is an online process and the scrutiny will be faster and accurate," CM Fadnavis said.

The Maharashtra government had decided to build specific software to disburse the populist loan waiver. Linking Aadhaar cards to each beneficiary's far loan waiver form is to ensure that only those deserving reap benefits of the loan waiver. "We decided to take the online form distribution route to avoid ghost accounts. It has been noticed previously that money was being disbursed to ghost accounts. We will link the loan waiver form with farmers' Aadhaar," said CM Devendra Fadnavis.

The online application is estimated to be distributed to 89 lakh farmers across Maharashtra. Aadhaar is a must to apply for the loan waiver. Each Aadhaar number quoted by the aspiring beneficiary will be cross verified with loan and land details.