Russia, US should improve bilateral relation for global “cyber disarmament”: Putin Envoy
Source :News Bharati English   Date :24-Jul-2017

Moscow, July 24: When our World is heading to a much improved digital space, the threats are also increasing. Cyber Security has become such an issue that countries from all over the world are concerned about it. Russia and US, the two powerful nations have confronted numerous times over different issues.  A special representative of the Russian president said that the two nations should improve their bilateral relation for international cooperation in information security.

Recently WannaCry ransom war posed threat to several countries. After that, another Cyber-attack stopped working of various industries. Even in Mumbai different offices could not work for one day.

As cyber security has gradually become an issue, Russia has also talked with all BRICS countries — Brazil, India, China and South Africa. To increase the security in the area, Russia had concluded dozens of agreements with all BRICS Countries.

Russia is also having a talk with Washington. The countries also want to establish a cyber security group. Russia had responded immediately after the United States inquired about alleged cyber interference before last US Presidential election.

"We need to normalize relations with the United States since an unhealthy situation has developed. Both Moscow and Washington are interested in non-interference in internal affairs, setting the tone for cyber disarmament on our planet," Krutskikh, the special representative of the Russian president for international cooperation in information security, said.