With concept ‘One Soldier from Every Village’ Bangalore plans military training for over 3,000 youths
Source :News Bharati English   Date :24-Jul-2017

Bangalore, July 24: In order to help youths to gain entry to the Armed Forces and in an attempt to encourage the rural populace, the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has announced military training for over 3,000 youths. CM is on a roll with the Assembly elections slated for early next year.

Siddaramaiah informed that the government would allocate Rs 11.44 crore in order to help Youths to pass actual tests during military recruitment drives.

After the government released the recruitment numbers to Armed Forces in the state is plummeting over the years, the concept ‘One Soldier from Every Village’ was originated.

The programme will be implemented by the Karnataka Vocational Training and Skill Development Corporation, perceived by the Backwards Classes Welfare Department.

A chairperson of Skill Development Corporation Muralidhar Halappa informed that the training programme for 3,000 youths would be held on a pilot basis and depending on its success training would be imparted in multiple batches.

Halappa stated, “Youngsters from the rural background have little or no exposure to the Armed Forces. Most had to be contented with small government jobs or becoming teachers”.

The Chairperson further added that through this initiative, they would like to expose them to different opportunities. If anyone is interested, they can even prepare for National Defence Academy (NDA) tests and get through officers’ recruitment process in defence and other paramilitary forces

The trigger for Karnataka to launch the programme is the alarming fall in the number of youngsters recruited to various Armed Forces.

Halappa quoted, “While the numbers have been falling over the years, it was alarming last year as only 77 were recruited from Karnataka while 8,000-9,000 from other states made their way to the forces. Usually, youngsters from Koppal, Bagalkot, Vijayapura and Belagavi get recruited to forces. But in recent times, their numbers too have fallen as they failed to clear physical endurance tests. Our training sessions will help them clear such tests”.