Polish President Duda vetoes bills to put SC under the control of the ruling party
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 24-Jul-2017

Warsaw, July 24: The unrest in Poland continues as Polish President Andrzej Duda decides to put Supreme Court under the control of the ruling party. This particular decision has angered the crowds who are protesting non-stop in front of the Parliament and the streets of Poland. Duda has said he would veto two of three bills passed by the politicians.

With this absurd decision in action, Polish economy earned some profits amidst all the chaos. Polish currency zloty immediately rose against the euro, as investors saw lowering political risk in Poland. Talking about the political scenario in Poland, we all know that the Justice Minister is the prosecutor general and the one who takes the ‘absolute’ decision in the court. But the two bills passed by Duda will change the workings of the Supreme Court now. The country of Poland is heading towards the ‘authoritarian’ road.

Apparently, Duda said that there is no tradition in Poland for a prosecutor general to have such large powers and he would not agree to that now. Handpicked by former President Kaczynski, Duda came into power in 2015. And since then Duda made sure to tighten control over the courts, state media and open public gatherings. When faced criticism on his communist decision, Duda said, “I lived in a state where the prosecutors general had an unbelievably powerful position and could practically do everything. I would not like to go back to such a state."