World’s 1st full-scale experiment to produce electricity from ocean current unveiled in Japan
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 24-Jul-2017

Yokohama, July 24: In a world where Energy crisis is mounting day by day, searching an infinite energy source is very important. As Ocean current is a limitless energy source, World’s 1st test set to produce electricity from ocean current. Heavy machinery manufacturer IHI Corp in Japan has planned to conduct the 1st experiment for generating electricity from ocean current. This is World’s first full-fledged experiment on such planning.

There is the cluster of islands in Kagoshima Prefecture. The trial will start in August using the Kuroshio Current off Kuchinoshima Island. If the experiment successes then it will commercialize the technology by 2020. Name of this new system is Kairyu.

The machinery of the system:

Three metal cylinders comprise the system. Each is 20 meters long. Two of the cylinders will produce current by rotating in the water current. Their total capacity is 100 kilowatts. To adjust the buoyancy, the other cylinder will be used.

According to the officials, tides have already been used to produce current in some parts of the world. But this is the first full-scale experiment on producing electricity from an ocean current.

The importance of the Project:

Ocean currents are such source of natural energy that no one has tapped before. There might be two reasons- either people were unaware of it or there was not proper technology. This is a limitless clean energy. Fuel fossil or nuclear energy can be substituted by this source. But along with all these potentials, it needs to be kept in mind that no harm should be caused to marine life.