CM Fadnavis salutes 90 year old Rajendra for donating Rs. 50k to aid farmers’ loan waiver
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 25-Jul-2017

Nashik, July 25: While Maharashtra has stepped ahead to help farmers by waiving their loans off. But what do we do on an individual basis to help our farmers? We eat the food; buy goods and vegetables, which are produced by our farmers’ whole heartedly! We owe our lives to these souls. Such an angelic contribution by Rajendra Ramchandra Deshpande means millions of ‘Thank You’ for helping farmers.

Rajendra Ramchandra Deshpande, 90-year-old, who helped by contributing Rs.50,000/- to waive off loans for farmers. Also with a warm gesture, Rajendra has sent a letter to the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis which spoke about the details and how generous he was to help farmers. The letter said ‘Being the citizen of Maharashtra, it is my duty to help our government in the loan waiving move. As I have enough of financial backup due to my sons, I hereby donate Rs.50,000/- to add up a little bit of my contribution in helping farmers. As the amount is very big, it is difficult for the state to waive off the total loan in one move.’

Also, there have been an uncountable number of deaths of our farmers, due to inadequate finances, demands not getting fulfilled, family responsibilities etc. Farmer suicides was a trend once upon a time, Let us help stop this menace.  Taking the inspiration of such souls, we should also take the initiative to help our farmers. This unity might set an example of good governance and love towards our farmers.