At least 53 of 97 Indian sailors stranded in UAE waters released
Source :News Bharati English   Date :25-Jul-2017

Dubai, July 25: As many as 53 out of 97 Indian sailors stranded on ships in the UAE’s waters for several months have finally returned to their homeland India, according to the Indian Consulate General in Dubai Vipul.

The Indian Consulate General in Dubai Vipul while giving an exclusive interview to Arab News said that more than half of the nearly 100 Indian sailors stranded on ships in the UAE’s waters for several months have returned home. According to the Arab News, as of 1 July, a total of 97 Indian sailors with 22 ships were stranded in the UAE’s waters for several months out of which 53 had been sent back home so far.  

The Indian consulate in a statement given Gulf News while giving a detailed information said, “With the help of the FTA [the UAE’s Federal Transport Authority] and by taking up issues directly with owners and agents, we have sent back the following number of sailors from the vessels: Sharjah Moon: 6 sailors, Iba: 6, Rojean: 11, Spirit: 9, Inchon: 3, Enjaz II: 3, Salem: 3, Sea Patrol: 3, Jude: 3, Shaker II: 2, Ocean Grace: 1, Ayah: 1, Sanad One: 1 and Sea Safe: 1 sailor.”

Interestingly, in a report published on May 30, Gulf News also highlighted the plight of six Indians and one Sri Lankan aboard Sharjah Moon. According to Gulf News, the stranded Indian sailors had been at anchorage since July last year. Since they were not provided with food, water and fuel for several months, and their requests for sign off were not heeded by their company Alco Shipping, they docked the vessel in Sharjah’s Hamriya Port without permission on May 9. They then sought the help of social worker Girish Pant to contact the Indian consulate.

While the Indian mission in UAE provided them with provisions and managed to send back. However, five of them from MV Sharjah Moon, who left on Saturday, was the latest to fly home after persistent efforts of the mission in collaboration with local authorities, missions of flag countries like the Panama consulate and ship-owners.