Now a mantra to defeat Chinese designs
Source :News Bharati English   Date :25-Jul-2017

New Delhi, July 25: Can Mantra prove to be a successful instrument to frustrate Chinese moves and intentions to invade India? If you ask senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar, the answer is YES.

Besides strongly advocating the boycott of Chinese goods, Indresh Kumar has come up with a novel idea of chanting a mantra at least five times a day to ward off the ‘Chinese Asuras’ eyeing Indian territory.

And the mantra is “Kailash, Himalaya and Tibet be delivered from the demonic clutches of China”. Indresh Kumar has asked the countrymen to chant this mantra five times before the daily prayers in Hindu households and before namaz in the Mosques.

Indresh Kumar who is the Patron of Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) and many other organizations, has earlier appealed the people to boycott the use of Chinese goods and materials in daily life. He has now asked the people to invoke the collective spiritual power by chanting this mantra to keep the Chinese at bay.

The RSS through its Swadeshi Jagaran Manch (SJM) has taken up the cudgels against the Chinese goods and has opened a big front to deprive the Chinese from the one of the largest consumer markets in the world.

The RSS has already came in support of the hard stand taken  by the Government of India in the face of Doklam standoff and said that if the was in unavoidable, the country is ready for it.

The mantra, the RSS expects, would invoke great collective spiritual power of the Indian people that would strengthen their resolve to win and emerge victorious in the war-like situation China intended to push India into.

“This will not just hurt the core interest of China, but also infuse spiritual energy in the efforts and will create positive action,” Indresh Kumar said.

Stating that China had dumped Confucianism and adopted an imperialist and expansionist stance, Indresh Kumar said that the country has become a supporter of violence. “'The recent entanglement with India has brought India several friends and China has lost many. They have shown that they are neither with India nor the world; rather want to continue the politics of violence”, he added.

Indresh Kumar alleged that China has forcibly occupied the territories of neighbouring countries including India, Nepal, Bhutan besides capturing Tibet. Doklam was saved from their clutches only as the Indian and Bhutanese soldiers pre-empted the Chinese design, he added further.

The best way to attack the Chinese is to encourage every Indian to use only swadeshi  or India-made goods and reject all the Chinese made products, Indresh Kumar said adding that in the recent days India has been able to isolate China on diplomatic levels as many nations have openly supported India.

Due to invasion of Chinese products in India, almost three crore Indians and Nepalese nationals have lost their livelihood. People of India must also resolve to boycott Chinese goods during the celebration of their festivals such as Rakhi, Diwali, Eid or Guru Parv etc.

“We are capable of breaking China’s backbone not only by confrontation, but by following the non-violent path charted by Lord Buddha”, Indresh Kumar said.

The RSS leader said that the nations that supported China have started realising the mistake they have committed. China had been providing Pakistan resources and material which our neighbour had been allegedly using against us through terror acts. But now Pakistan too has developed fear that the expansionist China might devour their country under the guise of using them in countering India.

Indresh Kumar hailed the Modi government for adopting a non-compromising attitude towards the Chinese misadventure in Doklam. The diplomacy of India and the tough stand it has taken have baffled and disturbed China which is evident in the chiding remarks that they are giving in the media.

Chinese disrespect for human rights and democracy have exposed it in front of the world. The world now has come to recognise it to be inhuman, undemocratic and given to violent means.'

The SJM has undertaken a vigorous campaign to educate and aware people against buying Chinese goods, especially during the festivals.

According to the SJM, it has collected over one crore signatures in favour of boycotting China-made products and intends to obtain another 1.5 crore signatures of the Indian citizens to strengthen their resolve.

The SJM has also called for severing trade links with China under the plea that boycotting Chinese goods will provide better opportunities to Indian manufacturers.

SJM Co-convener Ashwani Mahajan said that the partial boycott of Chinese goods in the last Diwali had cost the Chinese trade by 15 to 20 percent.