Paid menstrual leave becomes a 'Reality' as Chennai's Magzster company offers leave to women
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 25-Jul-2017

Chennai, July 25: Considering the employee comfort and maintain a positive environment in the office, Magzter a digital magazine news stand based in Chennai announces a paid leave for the women of their organisation during menstruation.

Magzter ranks first in Chennai and fourth in India to bring such initiative for the comfort of a woman working for their organisation.

The company released the press-release which informed that the women in the organization will be benefited by one day paid leave on the first or second day of menstruation. This leave will be provided to all the woman workers in the organisation and it can be availed every month.

Girish Ramdas Co-Founder and CEO of Magzter stated, "The situation is more challenging for working women in India as, more often than not, they are unable to freely discuss menstruation or the pain they go through every month with their male colleagues”.

CEO further added, "We want to shun such old world taboos that demean women and their physiological needs and also make this a mainstream topic that the women should not feel delicate about - just like taking a day off for a cold or cough and that there's nothing wrong with this as it's normal”.

This will benefit woman with extra leave during period beside the normal leave an employee, noted press release.

The release explaining the process said that the woman taking this paid leave has to inform their respective reporting manager on a particular day on or before 10 a.m. either by email or message.

The released also noted, “We are the first company in Chennai and the fourth company in India, to our knowledge, to bring out this policy and we hope that more organisations take this step”.

Previous this month, the Mumbai-based Culture Machine has introduced the policy which said that the women employees to take leave on the first day of the period. President of CultureMachine Devleena S Majumder quoted, "Starting July, women have a legitimate reason to take a day off every month and mark it as FOP (First Day of Period) leave”. Soon after that Malayalam media company Mathrubumi followed the same.