NATO tries to resolve the miff between Turkey and Germany; asks to reconcile
Source :News Bharati English   Date :25-Jul-2017

Brussels, July 25: It’s quite evident that Turkey and Germany, two European countries don’t really share friendly relations. The recent example of this statement is that Germany wants to exit from Incirlik which is a Turkey base. Turkey shares 565 mile border with Syria which stands as the main problem for Germans. Recently, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) is working to defuse the tensions between the Turks and the Germans.

NATO is a political and military alliance between 29 countries who swear by to guarantee the freedom and security of each of its members. However, the deepening rift between the two countries will face a downfall in the counter-terrorism missions. Last month, Berlin ended German operations at the Incirlik air base after Ankara blocked a visit by German lawmakers. Other countries like the Netherlands, the U.S and Austria have also gotten into an ugly spat with Turkey.

On Monday, NATO announced a compromise in which the German legislators will visit the Konya air base (Central Turkey) as a part of the NATO delegation under the alliance’s flag. To which, Turkey did not respond with any comments. German Chancellor said welcoming the compromise, “This is the only way to regain normal relations in the alliance.”

Turkey, an early member of NATO and its second-largest military behind the U.S., long played a pivotal role in the security alliance because of its border with the Soviet Union and its anticommunism stance. Today, its position bordering Syria puts it on the front lines of fighting Islamic State and other terror groups.

If the Turks and the German leaders don’t sort this problem out then they could face bigger threats from the Islamic State.