Russian Military deployed in Syria 'de-escalation zones' starts patrolling
Source :News Bharati English   Date :25-Jul-2017

Moscow, July 25: In the first part of this year Russia established de-escalation zones in Syria to make the situation more stable. After that Russia had been emphasizing to monitor the zones efficiently with more forces. On Monday, it was announced that Russia has deployed military police to monitor two safe zones. This has been termed as a new era of cooperation with the US. This is part of the broader plan of establishing de-escalation zone. On Monday, the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces reported that Russia has set up two checkpoints and four observation posts in the zone.

As per a statement from Senior Defense Ministry official Sergei Rudskoi, Russian forces had set up checkpoints and observation posts around a zone in the southwest and in Eastern Ghouta, near Damascus. "Thus, thanks to measures taken by the Russian Federation, we have managed to stop military action in two of Syria's most important areas," the defense ministry said.

A source from Russia’s top diplomat said the fact that President Vladimir Putin and Trump agreed on creating de-escalation zones in southern Syria at their first meeting at the G-20. They held it as “a concrete example that we can work together.”

Current Status:

Israel has also been by Moscow about the deployment.  Joint checkpoint of the Russian and Syrian military began work in the Eastern Ghouta de-escalation zone in Syria. Local residents showed interest and came to observe how the work is going on on the checkpoints. Even one resident said he is feeling safe for first time after the war started.