Tokyo gears up in a ‘light, bright, sparkling’ mood for 2020 Olympics
Source :News Bharati English   Date :25-Jul-2017

Tokyo, July 25: As Tokyo is left with only three years for the Olympic game it is gearing up all its efforts for the games. Japan is the host nation for next Olympic.  On Monday, it kicked off a celebration with a lights and music show for next Olympic. To boost the security, Tokyo Police has teamed up with the private sector.

During Monday’s celebration in Tokyo, a rendition of 1964 Olympic theme song as back in 64, Japan organized the Olympics. "Tokyo Gorin Ondo," is the theme song which is a Japanese folk dance tune.

Heavy rain brought flood in northeastern Japan and Kyushu in the southwest. Many of the areas had to be evacuated forcefully. Hence the recovery work is a new concern for organizers.

"We're only three years away now from the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics," Tokyo Governor Koike said. "The Tokyo Games is an Olympics about recovery. It's ironic that we are facing more disasters ahead of an Olympics like Tokyo's, but we want to make these games a success and aid in the relief of the disaster areas." She added.

The locations which have been selected as locations for the games, 40% of those are coastal areas. Hence Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is very much concerned about the security. A new maritime security unit is set to be launched by 2019. MPD is also trying collaborations with the private sector.

“We hope to establish a security arrangement that can deal with terrorism from the water in line with the changes that will take place in the area," a representative for the MPD's Security Bureau says. He also predicted the robust change that Tokyo bay areas are about to undergo in next 3 years.