You will shine in World Police & Fire games; All the best Constable Bhupendra!
Source :News Bharati English   Date :26-Jul-2017

Jaipur, July 26: Constable Bhupendra Vyas has made whole India proud as he is all set to represent Rajasthan in World Police and Fire games in Los Angeles which are going to take place between 7th to 16th August where participants of 70 nations will participate.

Notably, the police constable of Udaipur Bhupendra Vyas will participate in World Police and Fire games in Los Angeles with his own expenses. Vyas said that his aim is to get a medal in the World Police Games.

However, Bhupendra Vyas expressed his gratitude towards the senior police officers for allowing him to participate in this event at his personal expense. Prior to this, he has won several medals in District, State and National levels. He refused to comment on the facilities given to the sportsmen by the department.

Meanwhile, Rajasthan State Power Lifting Association is disappointed with the fact that sportsmen do not get any facility and support from the police department. Secretary of the association, Vinod Sahu, said that Punjab, Haryana and Delhi police get better support from their departments as compared to Rajasthan. “Bhupendra Vyas’s attempt to create an honour for Rajasthan police on world level will not fail. His determination will get him the glory that he deeply and intensely wishes for,” he added.