Egypt, EU to work together on managing migratory flows for mutual benefit
Source :News Bharati English   Date :26-Jul-2017

Brussels, July 26: Egypt and European Council had the 6th session of the Association Council (AC) in Brussels. As Europe and Egypt are constantly facing the problem of migration, the council has agreed to work for the issue with higher effort. Egypt made it clear that it won’t compromise anything on Qatar issue.

Recently, the four Middle East countries came up with a ban on Qatar for promoting terrorism. Egypt made it clear that it won’t compromise anything on Qatar issue during a meeting with EU representatives.Egypt called on the European Union to review its stance towards “measures of countering terrorism and extremism,” to the extent of “ignoring some positions of countries which support terrorism,”

The spokesperson of Egyptian Foreign Ministry said how Egypt criticized European insistence on approving the cooperation programme of managing water resources. Egypt has already rejected to join the Nile basin initiative.

"It is not an issue of compromise. We cannot compromise with any form of terrorism, we cannot compromise or enter into any form of negotiations," Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said.

On the other hand, EU also expressed its concern about the humanitarian situation in Egypt. It emphasizes on the human rights of Egyptian citizens. Currently, Egypt enforced a law that limits NGO work in the country.

"Sustainable security and stability can only be achieved when human rights are fully available, implemented and upheld," EU foreign affairs Federica Mogherini said.

But despite all differences, the parties expressed their commitment to enhancing democracy, fundamental freedoms. Especially, the parties have agreed to combat terrorism together. To counter terror threat, Egypt is an important partner of EU as it could control flows of migrants from the Mideast and Africa heading to Europe.

"Stabilization is a common challenge facing the EU and Egypt. Establishing a modern and democratic state that delivers benefits equitably to all people is essential for this. Egypt and the EU will work together to promote democracy, fundamental freedoms and human rights as constitutional rights of all citizens, in line with Egypt's Constitution and international commitments. The EU and Egypt will also work together on security and terrorism, as well as on managing migratory flows for mutual benefit," European Council said in a statement.